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Ponder this for a moment... if you will…that you could get first page ranking on the top Search Engine (Google) on the planet. So when someone types in what your business is about, you automatically show up? Sounds pretty good right?

Well what if you could show up on the 2nd largest search engine on the planet without doing anything else different. Killing two birds with one stone...?

And with that ranking, you were now pulling in tons of high quality, Pinpointed traffic?

Now that sounds Awesome doesn't it?

Well, what if I said that you could do all of that with just one video?

How fast would you run to pick up a video camera and shoot something?

Yeah i would be moving pretty fast too, and I did when I first started out. However , I was making videos and experimenting before I realized what I was doing.

Now I'm kinda kicking myself because if I had found a course like this when I was first looking at video marketing, the blunders of putting out videos that did more harm then good, could have been avoided.

More on that stuff in a minute.

First let me introduce myself. My name is Casey Zeman. I am a video conversion strategist and YouTube Expert. I've been doing video marketing for the last few years, working with such multi-million dollar companies as Dell, Estee Lauder and ActorCast to name a few. I've had success with been able to drive 150,000 targeted viewers to a video in less then 12 hours.

But guess what? Video views are not everything...

In fact there are 3 components to a video's success.

I call these components as

"The 3 Pillars of Video Marketing"

  • Strategy
  • Content
  • Engagement

Many people tend to forget that YouTube is a Social Network Site. There is so much focus on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin that occasionally there is this huge misconception that YouTube doesn't stand up.

I'm telling you right now-that is completely FALSE!

  • Video Converts at least 10% better the other means for generating sales.
  • Video Closes the sales cycle by a whopping 40%
  • There are 850 million users on YouTube and that number is equal to Facebook.
  • YouTube is monetizing over 3 billion video views per week globally.
  • 4 Billion video views are received every 24 hours with YouTube.
  • In the next 10 years, 75% of all new channels will be Internet channels. Pretty soon all channels (television or web) will be available on TVs, computers, and pretty much any device. Everything's going to be Internet-based.

YouTube is the 3rd most visited site online, and it is the 2nd most visited search engine online, and it isn't even a search engine.

So not only are people coming to YouTube to search , but also to watch, upload, talk about and share. IN fact there is no denying that YouTube is the largest video sharing site on the planet.

So think about this…With YouTube you are not only getting the Link juice that comes from Google ranking the videos but also the Swarms of TRAFFIC found in YouTube. NO OTHER SITE HAS THIS.

The factors of both social and search.

It took me 1 weeks to get to the first page of Google within my niche. This is when I realized the power of video marketing and YouTube Marketing. Let me quickly ask you, what would you click on first? The image or a text search? I determined at this very moment that I could get to the first page of Google through using what I NOW call The Google Sidedoor Effect. This technique is one of the KEYS to Youtube Marketing Success (That's a bit of a hint!).

It took me less then a week to get this ranking. Another YouTube Marketing test and result. That’s when a light bulb went off. I could beat out highly competitive Google keywords and ranking through YouTube.

Traffic is something I am no stranger to. In fact for one of my clients, after doing video and YouTube marketing initiatives, had a banner day of about 1 million views in 24 hours. A bit of Video Trend Marketing at it’s finest.

A good bit of advice is: anticipate a trend and followed it! YouTube Marketing makes it easy.

What Can I show You?


YouTube as a Traffic Source

YouTube as a Traffic Siphon that you can’t turn off. Getting your business ranked on Google in a short period of time (under 5 days).

Expand Your Brand

I will expose to you the brand loophole that YouTube doesn't even know about. (most companies pay 100k plus to get this same branding that I show you how to do with no money.

Build a Social Following

How to maximize and optimize the new platform to drive views and engagement, as well as build a huge following with what I call 'Social Video Marketing'.

The Secret Video Sauce

You will learn the top secret sauce to the perfect video and how to create it with or without a budget.

Youtube Revealed Course Modules

When I first got in there, looking at all the different sections and I realized they had something for everyone. I mean they go back to the basics on what a video file is, what a digital file is, how it works, how to upload a video, but then it gets into more technical things. How to optimize it, how to put annotations in, how to put your little banner ads on there, which is something that I had no clue about. So it’s help me out a lot to kind of pinpoint some of the things that I can do better on my videos, to make them more readable and get more traffic to my videos. So ultimately I can get more traffic back to my website, so I can market better. , I highly suggest YouTube revealed from Casey Zeman.

Lyle Huddleston

Lyle Huddleston,

My name is Peter Liciaga. I am an Education Activist and Martial Arts Educator. I spent this past Tuesday listening to your audio of YouTube Tricks and Marketing Automation and I learned how to use my videos on youtube more effectively. I added annotations and links and I saw more activity, engagement and participation from my students/clients. As an education activist and martial arts educator and my "job" is to sit down with an individual or group and listen to their challenges/problems and facilitate a solution. It could be a parent with a child with behaviorial issues, a school looking to implement a mentoring program or a community needing an anti-bullying program. One of the ways I've been sharing my work in the community is through videos. Listening to your audio helped me take it to another level. I have shared your audio (and link) to my network which is a group called The 100. ( ). We are a group of master martial arts teachers around the world committed to making a difference in our communities through education and activism. I am looking forward to learning more about you and your work. Thank you.

Peter Liciaga

Peter Liciaga,

Casey Zeman really knows his stuff when it comes to video marketing and YouTube. He’ll point out all the new answers of the things that as internet marketer, and as a video marketer you really can’t afford to not to know about. Some of these tweaks that you can make are so simple, yet the effects are going to really mushroom and have a huge effect on your entire marketing system or business plan.

Dee Greenburg

Dee Greenburg,

I actually did YouTube Revealed and before I did it my videos were fine. I use to share them on YouTube and Facebook and Twitter and all those other great places but I never really got the traction on those videos that I always thought I could get. So someone recommended Casey Zeman’s YouTube Revealed to me and I took that course and I started to learn some of the inside tips and tricks that you can use, which really only the professionals know. what’s the point in having a great video, spending all that time putting that video together and then no one comes to see it. So you wanna try and get the maximum bang for your buck per video that you put out and the best way to do that is to learn how to optimize it properly, so you end up on Google in the right place and your video is seen by many many people who take action. That’s what it’s all about taking action and that’s what I’m saying to you now, take action and join YouTube Revealed. Casey, well done, great course, thank you.

Keith Everett

Keith Everett,

If you ever needed to understand EXACTLY how to use YouTube to rank on the first page of Google, then this is the resource for you. Not only does Casey have a very easy-to-follow style but he also over-delivers at every angle. Casey is 'ze man!

Rosh Khan

Rosh Khan, SocialRank Media
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